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Why SouthPaw Solutions?

Why we call ourselves "SouthPaw"

We like to think we look at things from a different perspective.


Having spent the better part of 30 years selling and marketing for Fortune 500 companies, we have experience with the challenges your organization is facing. This first-hand knowledge allows us to navigate today's complex business environment.


A study published in 2013 in "A Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology" tested the performance of 47 right-handers and 50 left-handers on a series of executive-related tasks. The results suggest that left-handed people have better mental flexibility, as The New Yorker reported, which can help them adapt to new situations. 


Adaptability ensures that your sales and marketing teams can quickly and effectively address unexpected detours, so they can retain customers, and cultivate opportunities for greater revenue growth.


At SouthPaw Solutions, we are not all left-handed, but we do strive to be adaptable and creative in our solutions.


Just don't ask us to use a can opener!

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