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Sales Mastery

We Use Science Based Selling to Maximize Sales Performance

Science Based Selling by SouthPaw Solutions


You’ve heard it before; the best salespeople are born winners. But this is simply not true. The best salespeople have a proven formula that they use time and time again to generate new business.


The secret to their formula?    They use science.


Science-based selling combines social psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics – and makes the sales process all about the buyer and their needs.


To help you get started with science-based selling, Southpaw has created a data-driven program that addresses the needs and buying habits of today's consumer. 


What is it that makes some sales people better than others?


Sure, having the right soft skills and experience are important, but being able to consistently convert leads, close deals and perform with improved speed and efficiency requires more than skill and experience.


Over the last few decades, a wealth of scientific research has emerged about how the human brain makes choices and which factors can influence what we say and do, including what we buy.

Best of all, this scientific knowledge is readily available and can be used to help your team perform like never before. 


Don’t worry. You don’t need a degree in physics or chemistry to combine science and sales. All you need is to be willing to adapt your current sales process and start using the new approach that the top sales professionals are using today.


This new approach is called science-based selling.

What is science-based selling?


Science-based selling is a sales process that includes social psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics. This new approach to sales is based on tried-and-tested scientific methods to help boost your team's performance in every part of the buying process.


While most b2b sales “best practices” focus on the sales people themselves, science-based selling focuses on the most important part of any sales process – the buyer.


Science-based selling uses scientific research to understand what is happening inside the buyers’ brain, and how their brain can be influenced. When you start selling in a way that corresponds with the way the brain is wired to make purchases, sales conversions naturally increase.


But let’s be clear about this: We’re not talking about Jedi-mind tricks here. We’re talking about applying decades of research into your sales process to help good sales professionals to perform better.


SouthPaw Solutions has introduced this process to hundreds if not thousands of sales professionals and our own advertising agency over the years, and has improved conversion rates by 30%.*


*Conversion rate = conversions / total presentations x 100

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