Post Covid Relaunch

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Right now, every company in the world is facing the same question:

What’s going to happen when the pandemic is over?


Grocery stores and consumer packaged goods manufacturers have experienced an unexpected boost in sales: Will that growth sustain?


Hotels and airlines have experienced unprecedented drops in demand: Will their business ever come back?


Movie studios, sales consulting firms, video game producers, and theaters need to envision how the pandemic will permanently affect entertainment habits.


When the pandemic is over, many companies will find that their business model has been disrupted in fundamental ways.


Over the last several months, we’ve been working with management teams in a variety of sectors to develop a plan for what comes next.


What we’ve learned is that conventional strategic thinking hasn’t helped these companies to plan for the next “new normal.” Instead, the best answers have come from a hybrid approach: one that combines traditional business strategy with the latest thinking from social science and innovation theory.


Ultimately, planning for a post-pandemic world means answering three questions.


The first is: How does your business really make money?

Many companies haven’t taken the time to articulate their critical strategic differentiators or map out how money, goods, and information flow from their suppliers to their consumers.


Next, who do you depend on to drive the business?

Define your most important stakeholders and their behaviors that affect your business model.


The third critical question — what will people’s behaviors look like after the pandemic — may be more difficult to answer.


Even though the pandemic is temporary, it’s lasting long enough to turn temporary behaviors into structural shifts. At the end of the crisis, some things will return to the way they were, some things will look very different, and some things will simply not come back. The trick is to figure out which is which.


We will work with you to analyze the behaviors that are affecting your business in this post COVID landscape.