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The NonProfit Message

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Southpaw StoryTelling

TO WIN in today’s evolving marketplace nonprofit brands must bring their purpose to life with visual queue’s and a focus on attitude shifts, behavior change and business results. 


Hero organizations are delivering strategically-built, emotionally-compelling campaigns that fuse their communications, fundraising and mission-based programmatic assets in sustainable, scalable ways that were once considered unimaginable. Today, it’s not just what you stand for that matters, but how you inspire others to take a stand.

But just as inspiring mass engagement has become more critical, it’s also become more difficult. Each nonprofit must grapple not only with the vastness and complexity of their cause, but also with a distracted public, fickle donor preferences, rapidly changing technologies and a constant struggle to differentiate from the ever-increasing number of peer organizations. Never has it been more important for nonprofits to take a deliberate and strategic approach to their brand and to how they capture the heads, hearts and hands of their most critical stakeholders.

Our team includes the world’s largest, most comprehensive network of award-winning purpose strategists, creative curators, pragmatic idealists, movement-builders, digital disruptors, social change makers and collaborative problem solvers.

Our services include:

  • Cause Campaign Development

  • Strategic Planning & Fundraising Strategy

  • Cause Marketing

  • Digital/Social Marketing & Fundraising

  • Media Strategy & Execution

  • Branding & Creative

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