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Crafting the Perfect Message

SouthPaw Solutions Story and Sales
Emmy Award Ken Fay

It’s time to start creating a marketing message that will hook your audience and leave them wanting more. In order to craft your perfect marketing message, we will take the following steps:


Identify the Person You’re Speaking To

This is the most important piece of marketing advice. If you aren’t clear on the specific group of people you’re speaking to, you may as well not say anything at all.




The one-size-fits-all approach is far from effective and typically leaves audiences bored and uninterested. If you feel like you’ll be missing out by not speaking to a broader audience, take a look at these stats:


74% of consumers get frustrated by generic website content [Infosys]


63% of consumers are “highly annoyed” by generic ad messages [Marketo]


63% of consumers reported that they connect better with brands who provide content that is personally valuable, interesting or relevant [Rapt Media]


As a creative agency we will work with you to craft the perfect message for your target audience.

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