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What's Your Story?

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At SouthPaw Solutions, we believe that you can't sell anything until you have a compelling story to tell.


That's WHY we've put together a Team of Sales Professionals and Award Winning Creatives who live and breathe the Art and Science of what goes into SELLING and TELLING a compelling story. 

Our Services

Our Services


Sales Mastery

We Use Science Based Selling to Maximize Sales Performance

Crafting the Perfect Message

We Introduce Your Brand to the Target Audience while Providing Valuable Knowledge and Insight

Creating an Effective
Ad Campaign

You have the Message.

We place it where it needs to be seen.

The NonProfit Message

We deliver strategically-built emotionally-compelling campaigns that inspire mass engagement

Digital Media
Social Media

Web Design

We Build and Place Social Media Campaigns and Web Designs that will get You Noticed

Needs Analysis

We Develop Effective Strategies to Create Sustained Business Success

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What Our Clients Have To Say

I have known Joe Tetro for 25 years. 

In that time he has proven to me time and again to be a wonderful motivator of people at all levels. I have listened and learned from Joe and believe that by doing 

so I have reached milestones I know I would not have otherwise. The people who see and hear him will be changed for the better, of this I am sure. 

Bob Kensek

Prime Publishers, Inc

Ready to find out more?

"If you wait until you are ready, you will wait forever"

- Will Rodgers

Request a Free Consultation Today

All Honesty and No Pressure. We’ll walk you through a comprehensive analysis of your needs and wants personalized for your business and show you how we can take your marketing to the next level.

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