Fast measurable sales results using
science-based selling - a combination of social psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics. We make the sales process about buyers and needs.
Why we call ourselves "Southpaw"
We like to think we look at things from a different perspective. Having spent the better part of 30 years selling or managing sales teams, we have experienced what your sales teams experience every day. This first-hand knowledge allows us to navigate today's changing sales arena with greater effecincy.

A study published in 2013 in "A Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology" tested the performance of 47 right-handers and 50 left-handers on a series of executive-related tasks. The results suggest that left-handed people have better mental flexibility, as The New Yorker reported, which can help them adapt to new situations.

Adaptability ensures sales teams can quickly and effectively address unexpected detours, so they can retain customers, and cultivate opportunities for greater revenue growth.

At Southpaw Coaching, we are not all left-handed, but we do strive to be adaptable and creative in our solutions. Just don't ask us to use a can opener!
Sales Mastery
Customized Interactive selling skills program (13 weeks) followed by six months of retention and support. Includes team assessment.
Lead Generation Workshop
Custom interactive workshop on how to grow your business, generate new contacts, and spark new sales using a variety of traditional, and cutting edge lead generation methods.
3-Day Mastery Workshop
Includes the same deliverables as Sales Mastery. Presented as a 3 day in-house training.
Leadership Workshop
Develop or enhance leadership skills with this interactive in-house workshop focused on Servant Leadership.
Southpaw University
Includes the 13 week program, leadership workshop, lead generation workshop
(online version) and a seat at the 2022 Selling Master Class in Destin, Florida.
Southpaw Sales Master Class (On-Hold due to COVID-19)
Learn from fellow sales professionals, executive coaches, and industry experts at this 3 day Master Class in beautiful Destin, Florida. Enjoy beach accommodations, spectacular food, and once in a lifetime networking opportunities on Florida's Emerald Coast.
If you wait until you are ready, you will wait forever.
-Will Rodgers

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40 Common Sales Objections & How to Respond
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Joe Tetro: Founder and Executive Trainer

"We started Southpaw to help sales professionals build an effective sales methodology and create consistent revenue growth."
Southpaw founder and trainer Joe Tetro has worked for some of the top sales organizations in the world: Motorola, NBC Universal, Spectrum Reach, etc. Joe was recognized as the Sales Manager Of The Year by the Video Advertising Bureau, is a certified Selling Skills Trainer, Certified Business Coach, member of the Sandler Training Presidents Club and graduated from the Center for Creative Leadership: Leadership Development Program.
Mike Steele: VP of Sales and Executive Trainer
"We are pleased to offer no nonsense training at an affordable rate. The effect our training has had on sales teams and individuals is nothing short of amazing."
Southpaw Executive Trainer and VP of Sales Mike Steele has an extensive career in newspaper, television and radio where his skills as a sales professional and manager earned him top honors. Mike is a certified sales trainer and a consistent "budget buster". His training programs and presentations have helped hundreds of sales professionals to achieve revenue goals and move to the next level.
Ken Fay: Executeve Director of Communications

"Content is EVERYTHING."
Passionate about the narrative, Ken Fay is an Emmy Award winning visual storyteller with extensive experience in the media space as a writer, director, producer, and production manager.

Ken brings a wealth of experience in creating original content and has managed productions from coast to coast. He has a proven track record of successfully coaching individuals, businesses, non-profits, and organizations to find their brand and creative voice. His long list of credits include; commercial ads, promotional pieces, features, long and short form documentaries, bio videos, network productions, series, faith, educational, health, fitness, insurance, technology, and corporate communications.

Ken offers guidance in developing campaigns and initiatives to boost market share and increase viewership; while providing creative input, strategy, and oversight.
What Our Clients Have To Say
I have known Joe Tetro for 25 years.
In that time he has proven to me time and again to be a wonderful motivator of people at all levels. I have listened and learned from Joe and believe that by doing
so I have reached milestones I know I would not have otherwise. The people who see and hear him will be changed for the better, of this I am sure.
Bob Kensek
Prime Publishers, Inc
Joe is great to work with on all levels. His bright personality, sense of humor, and knowledge of sales and business are just three of the many reasons to choose Joe as your coach.

Ryan Arcoraci
BrandWide Div. of Soffront Software Inc
Using his extensive background, experience, intuition, humor, and unbelievable work ethic, Joe led the team into uncharted waters.
Mike Swindersky
Seacoast Media Group
Joe has the wonderful ability to motivate people to reach their goals. He loves to think outside of the box. He brought new ideas for acquiring clients to the table and was also open to the thoughts of the team. He always managed to find the positive in any situation I encountered out in the field. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Joe.
Marty Loper
IP Casino Resort and Spa
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